Asociated Skin Care


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Lab Services

Our Lab Services include:


     Routine H&E staining

    Special stains


    Molecular diagnostics

    In-situ hybridization

    Specimen and slide processing


Our Client Services include:


     Expert dermatopathology consultative interpretation

    Turn around time of 1 to 2 business days for routine processing upon receipt of specimen

    On-line web reporting or faxing/mailing of biopsy reports

    Rush biopsies

    Biopsy supplies including:

          -requisition forms

          -formalin filled biopsy bottles

          -biohazard bags

          -biopsy canisters

We provide local courier service or Fed Ex service for prompt trackable transport.

Our knowledgeable billing department has experience in Pathology billing and can answer your billing questions or concerns at 763-502-2951.