Our Dermatopathology Services

Diagnostic Evaluations: Our diagnostic evaluations involve the meticulous examination of skin tissue samples to identify and classify various skin conditions accurately. We utilize advanced microscopy and laboratory techniques to ensure precise diagnoses.

Second Opinion Consultations: For patients seeking a second opinion or healthcare providers in need of expert insights, we provide consultations aimed at reviewing previously diagnosed skin tissue samples to confirm or offer alternative perspectives on diagnoses.

Immunofluorescence Studies: We offer immunofluorescence studies to assist in the diagnosis of autoimmune and blistering skin diseases. This technique aids in identifying specific proteins within skin tissue, contributing to accurate disease classification.

Molecular Diagnostics: Utilizing molecular diagnostic methods, we conduct analyses to detect genetic mutations and abnormalities associated with various skin disorders. This cutting-edge approach helps in precise diagnoses and personalized treatment planning.

Specialized Testing Services: Our clinic provides specialized testing services for specific skin conditions, including but not limited to infectious diseases, inflammatory skin disorders, and neoplastic conditions.